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A custom developed online management tool, giving you the full overview of undergoing operations worldwide, accessible 24/7.


The360 is our own custom-developed online management tool, giving you the full overview of undergoing operations worldwide, accessible 24/7. All stakeholders can share information on the platform, from brand guidelines, change in the promotion and new focus to GWP, training material, etc. Staff will have one touchpoint in terms of scheduling, to-do’s, in- and external communication, and reporting, ensuring instant implementation of any changes. To secure data, according to European data law and for confidentiality, all information is stored on a secured server.


THE360 accessible 24/7.
  • Performance
  • Promotion material
  • Presence at sight
  • Consigned tools
  • Consumer surveys
  • Image upload
  • Sales reports
  • To-do lists
  • Competitor activities
  • Temporary tasks
  • Stock reports
  • Evaluations
  • POSM-reports
  • Finance Tracker
  • Incentive tracker
  • Uniform updates
  • Job description
  • Handbook
  • Location tracker
  • Status tracker


The360 provides information on training per individual employee. With The360, information about the training received and on which topic(s) will be available to stakeholders.

An evaluation of the training will be stored under their personal profile. Learnings, feedback and evaluations from training conducted throughout the year will be used for planning next season’s training calendar – and results will be shared with the client.

On a monthly basis, Brandvenue will schedule a call with each BA for monthly cycle instructions and ensure BA attendance. The monthly call will appear in the BA’s schedule on The360 management app.


Through the wide network of Brandvenue and our partners, we are currently represented in more than 50 countries around the world, enabling us to activate both brand ambassadors and promoters in the top 100 airports. The WoW depends on the customer setup in the airports and the restrictions given by the airport:

Customer’s own staff
Preferred local agency

No matter which restrictions apply for the different airports, the WoW for us and our clients remains the same.
We will coordinate all activities and reports, submitting one feedback to our client.