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We are your global provider of staff and management in the travel retail industry.

We are your one point of contact, freeing up resources so you can concentrate on your core business, as we do on ours.

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We are a full-service recruitment agency with brand ambassadors and promoters operating in airports, ferries, bordershops etc. worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to scale up workforce or streamline your WoW, we can take charge of the complete process and be your single touchpoint for global ventures.

We cascade information from stakeholders directly to brand ambassadors and provide you with intelligence and reports in one uniform overview of data, accessible 24/7/365.

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Effektive staff management

Uniform reporting


Consumer- and sales data is crucial to the modern retail business to ensure action is taken on the best possible foundation. We provide the complex overview for you to make the right sales- and marketing decisions.


Through our own online management- and communication platform – The360 – we ensure smooth and efficient communication as well as a simple overview of reports and performance; all accessible 24-7 on- and offline.


We are a full-service recruitment agency taking care of the complete hiring process; from onboarding and deployment of new staff, to contractual transfers of current employees worldwide.


Developed through many years of experience in the travel- and brand marketing industry, our programs are designed to cover all relevant training aspects to ensure your staff is thoroughly educated and well informed on the go.


We have extensive experience in management across the globe, enhancing staff experience and ensuring quality performance in respect to local culture and regulations.

Brand marketing

We are experts in brand marketing and understand the importance of attracting and maintaining the interest of consumers through insights and innovation.



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Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

– Damon Richards


We have freed up resources for several major companies, so they could concentrate on their core business. On top of that, we ensure our customers only have one point of contact.